B.10 Research and Statistics (Old Number 57)

港澳台图库Policy Manual, Section B.10


The 港澳台图库 recognizes the need to continuously build and strengthen the knowledge base upon which library services and the library profession depend. Basic and applied research in the field of library and information studies, as well as research results in related disciplines will, in large measure, shape library and information services and the nature of the library profession in the future. Statistics area necessary foundation for many kinds of research, as well as for policy and planning. Through its Office for Research and Statistics (ORS), as well as through related groups in its membership units, 港澳台图库strives to reach ALA’s goals in the areas of research and statistics.

In order to reach these goals:

  • 港澳台图库defines and identifies priority research areas;
  • stimulates and promotes the funding required to conduct research;
  • cooperates with library education research programs;
  • coordinates with other institutions and associations implementing the profession’s research agenda;
  • stimulates discussion of research methodologies;
  • proposes programs designed to improve the quality, quantity, and impact of research;
  • promotes the role, importance, and necessity of research.

In addition, the Association performs and supports research and participates in cooperative research activities related to those research areas and topics identified as Association priorities.

( See ‘‘Policy Reference File’’: Research and Statistics Policy Statement: 1993-1994 CD #41 Revised - PDF, 1 pg)