II. Guidelines for the Self-Study and comprehensive review

AP3 II. Guidelines for the Program Presentation outline.


II.1 The comprehensive review process [pdf]

II.2 Self-Study overview [pdf]

II.3 Purpose of the Self-Study [pdf]

II.4 Outcomes assessment [pdf]

II.4.1 Sources of data for measuring outcomes

II.5 The Plan for the Self-Study [pdf]

II.6 Development of the Self-Study [pdf]

II.7 Organization and format of the Self-Study [pdf]

II.7.1 Required information

II.7.2 Addressing the Standards for Accreditation

II.7.3 Presenting evidence

II.7.4 Examples of evidence that might be used to indicate compliance with the Standards for Accreditation

II.7.5 Synthesis and overview

II.7.6 Format requirements

II.8 Responding to the ERP report [pdf]

II.8.1 Optional response to correct errors of fact in the draft ERP report

II.8.2 Optional response to the final ERP report

II.9 Timeline for development of the Self-Study [pdf]

II.10 The site visit schedule [pdf]

II.11 Meeting with the Committee on Accreditation to close the review [pdf]