Library Manager


Library Managers such as department heads, branch managers, and assistant/deputy/associate directors, and are typically middle managers responsible for the operation of departments or other functional areas such as "all library branches." As managers they may be responsible for work schedules, employee evaluations, training, and managing budgets. Branch managers, in particular, can have additional director-like responsibilities, such as overseeing the condition of the facility or involvement in local neighborhood groups and projects.

is an organization devoted to developing and promoting outstanding leadership and management practices.


In addition to the basic educational requirements needed for a career as a , candidates for administrative positions in libraries should have a demonstrated interest in professional development through attending workshops, conferences and participation in continuing education. Some states have certification programs with specific requirements for library administrators.

is available at the ALA-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) website.


In addition to the skills needed as a , a library manager employs management techniques effectively in directing, planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, budgeting, and evaluating the library's operation.


Four to ten years of experience as a librarian with a couple of years of supervisory experience is typical, although requirements vary greatly by size of library and responsibilities of the job.

Career path

Library managers who excel in their area of work may make excellent candidates for a , with the realization that it can be a very different, outward-focused position from even a deputy or assistant director.

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Visit (Library Leadership and Management Association) encourages and nurtures current and future leaders, and develops and promotes outstanding leadership and management practices.