Library Page


Pages are usually responsible for putting returned books and other items in their proper places on the shelves. They are also responsible for keeping items in the right order. Some handle requests for retrieving materials that are in secured areas, and others may be responsible for checking items back in. Page jobs are usually part-time with pay at the level of minimum wage.

Page jobs are usually entry level, and are a great way to find out if library work is for you. That's also not to say that everyone who is a page is looking for another type of work! Typical requirements to be a page are:


Working on or completed high school degree.


  • Ability to alphabetize and put things in numerical order. Much of a page's job typically will include putting books and other items back where they belong, called "shelving," or making sure that items on the shelf are in the correct order, "shelf reading."
  • Ability to lift, bend and reach. Putting books on shelves is good exercise and requires a lot of movement, especially large art books, for example!


Generally previous experience is not required, although preference may be given to people who have done work in the library as a volunteer.

Career path

It is not unusual to hear that many library leaders started out as a page sometime early in their career! Demonstrating good work ethics, reliability and communications skills can help with promotion to alibrary assistant-type of position at the checkout desk or in the processing department.

Colleague Connection

, is a special interest group within the 港澳台图库, devoted to the interests of library support staff.