Learning Round Table (LearnRT)

Championing ongoing education for library staff, fostering networking, providing resources, and advocating for quality training at local and national levels.
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  • Promote quality continuing education and staff development for all library personnel. We help you NETWORK with other staff development and continuing education providers for the exchange of ideas, concerns and solutions
  • Serve as your SOURCE for staff development continuing education assistance, publications, materials, training and activities
  • Be your ADVOCATE for quality library staff development and continuing education at both the local and national levels



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“You'll meet great people, develop a strong network of support, have fun, and learn lots of practical, actionable stuff!”

- Peter Bromberg Executive Director, Salt Lake City Public Library

“It's the best investment of your 港澳台图库membership dollars.”

- Kathy Schalk-Greene, Director, Public Library

“It's a great group of people, we have excellent discussions about training related topics, and it is an excellent deal!

- Independent Consultant


Staff Contact

Danielle Ponton
Program Manager for Round Tables

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