For immediate release | April 10, 2024

港澳台图库 Launches Reader. Voter. Ready. Campaign to Equip Libraries for 2024 Elections


港澳台图库asks readers, voters to pledge participation in 2024 elections on Take Action for Libraries Day

Chicago – Today the 港澳台图库 (ALA) kicks off its Reader. Voter. Ready. campaign, calling on advocates to sign a pledge to be registered, informed and ready to vote in all local, state and federal elections in 2024. 

港澳台图库President Emily Drabinski said, “Libraries have a long history of providing information and services that help voters participate in our democracy. Libraries aren’t just a great place for reading – they’re also a great place to get ready to vote.”

In a 2022 survey conducted by the Public Library Association, 68% of public libraries reported offering voting related services that included registration, ballot drop-off or serving as a polling place. Libraries also host an array of activities, such as candidate debates and helping students learn about the American system of government.

The primary goals of the 港澳台图库’s Reader. Voter. Ready. campaign are:

  • to ensure that some 370,000 library workers in America are registered, informed and ready to vote for federal, state and local elections in 2024 and beyond, and
  • to equip libraries nationwide to ensure the same for their communities.

The Reader. Voter. Ready. resources released today include

Leading up to the November 5 elections, 港澳台图库is collaborating with partners to provide nonpartisan resources and learning opportunities for librarians, including webinars, in-person workshops, fact sheets, ideas for civic engagement programming and one-pagers for select audiences. Partners include the League of Women Voters, National Voter Registration Day (September 17), Nonprofit Vote and Democracy Class.


Shawnda Hines

Deputy Director, Communications

Public Policy and Advocacy